It’s all a matter of perspective.

All this social-distancing, sheltering in place and self-isolating can seem like a curse. But for the glass-nearly-full people, it can be a gift. A gift of time.

Time to take a break from the busyness of modern life and reach out – albeit from a distance – to family, friends and even strangers, sharing the connectedness that comes with knowing we’re all in this together.

Time to tackle all those projects we’ve been putting off for “when we have the time to do them.”

Time to try new recipes, learn new skills, experiment with new ways of doing things.

Time to get our hands dirty in the garden. There’s something about working the earth that can be so therapeutic.

Time to really talk to the people we live with and love. To laugh with them. To imagine with them. To learn from them. To share special memories. And to create new ones.

Time to reflect on our blessings. To appreciate the world in our backyard. To think about who we are and who we want to be. To become more thoughtful of others. To find ways of helping and encouraging them from afar.

Time to pray. Really pray, as in having conversations with God. To hold each other up in love, especially those who are on the front lines of this outbreak. To experience the comfort of knowing others are praying for us as well.

Individually, we have no control over this new bug that’s nearly shut down the world, but each of us can choose how we will spend the time of Covid.