My fathers didn’t build skyscrapers. They weren’t celebrities, or inventors, or rocket scientists. They didn’t fly to the moon or circle Earth. They didn’t make billions, or even millions, on the stock market. They never ran for office. They had no bestsellers, movie credits, or chart-topping singles. Their names don’t grace football stadiums, college campuses, or public buildings.

My fathers were so much more than that.

They were men of God who embraced fatherhood, counting it as the greatest role in life. It was one they played well.

Their secret? While they didn’t always know the answers, they trusted the One who did. As a result, they learned when to set boundaries. When to give a comforting hug. To laugh away the anger or tears. Encourage their children to dream large and then reach for those dreams.

They also taught responsibility and accountability. Yes, there is right and wrong. Decisions have consequences. And words, especially when said in anger, can cut deeply.

Through their actions, both of my fathers – Tom, my biological one, and Jack, who stepped in to fill Tom’s shoes when he died – lived love while teaching forgiveness, the power of prayer, and the joy of life. They shared their appreciation for God’s handiwork and a recognition of His hand at work.

No, they weren’t superstars in the eyes of the world, but my fathers will always stand at hero height when those who knew them take the measure of their life.

May the foundation they laid remain firm for the generations that follow.

Happy Fathers Day.